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I called Attorney LeBlanc when my wife and I started discussing separation. She was very informative and helpful. I knew after our conversation that if I ever needed a family law attorney, I would be retaining Attorney Lynda LeBlanc. About four to five days after our conversation I came home from work on a Friday afternoon to find my wife and 3 children gone with half our furniture. I was in complete shock and started to panic. I called Attorney LeBlanc left a message and she called me back within 30 minutes. She calmed me down instantly and all my fears started to subside. I knew with Attorney LeBlanc on my side everything was going to turn out fine and I wouldn't be hung out to dry or taken to the cleaners in a divorce. My wife ended up moving back in a few days later and we have decided to work on our marriage. Either way, I am glad that there are people out there like Attorney LeBlanc who actually care and understand so much about clients and potential clients. Thanks for being there in my time of need.

- Dave (March 2017)

Lynda was amazing. We have been fighting with this back and forth for years. My husband’s ex was very combative with us since the beginning. We had a lot of concerns about modifying child support. She was just able to get our concerns answered, but also got everything settled out of court without us even having to be in the same room as his ex, taking the hostility out of the entire process. This is actually the second time we’ve enlisted Lynda’s help. What I really LOVED about Lynda was that she never sugar-coated anything. She told us exactly how it was; she never told us she could do something that she could NOT do. Very straight forward and I love that. Nowadays it’s hard to find someone that will tell you how it is and not just tell you what you WANT to hear. She didn’t just treat you like another client, we felt that she was really involved during the process, keeping us up to date and always answering our questions and calls. She was also very reasonable in her pricing; we never felt swindled at any time. You can tell she is in it for the process, not the money.

She is the only lawyer I would ever use.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

- Tony (November 2014)

Lynda is the best attorney to have on your side. She fights for what is right. I would give her 100 stars if I could! I’ll never ever forget the things she has done for my family.

- Adria (May 2014)

After 2.5 years of trying to get my ex-husband to obey the divorce decree, I was introduced to Lynda. She genuinely felt the need for myself and children. Additionally, she had a clear view of what was doable by law and practically through the court system. Her knowledge of Lake County was invaluable. ... I am so thankful for her professionalism and compassion.

- Debbie (May 2014)

I selected Lynda as my counsel in a divorce action, and have been very pleased with the result. She is compassionate, intelligent, knowledgeable, and personable, with very high standards and ethics. Lynda has been an invaluable resource to me during the most difficult time in my life.

- C. Lambert (April 2012)

I would highly recommend Lynda LeBlanc for any domestic relations problem you may have! Lynda LeBlanc and her assistant Stephanie have gone above and beyond for my post-decree problems. I didn’t think there were lawyers like this around anymore....more concerned about the outcome than how much the bill will be. I truly appreciated their help.

- Nancy (January 2014)

I can highly recommend Lynda for family law matters. She is very compassionate and genuinely cares about her clients, and I highly value her advice and counsel. She’s a first-rate advocate.

- Anonymous (April 2012)

Lynda has been representing me as my lawyer in a family law case for some time now (about 2 years). She has always made herself available to answer my questions by phone and/or email. With other lawyers, I would find myself waiting days, sometimes longer, for a return call or answer. Lynda has gone above and beyond at times, even rerouting her own schedule to be available during urgent situations with my case that came up suddenly. I am still in the process of getting to a final order in my case but I feel confident with Lynda as my lawyer. I would highly recommend her.

- Leanne (June 2012)

I hired Lynda for my family law matters. After hiring other attorneys, I found Lynda to be very up-front with me. Instead of telling me what she thought I wanted to hear, she told me what I needed to hear and what I should expect. That’s very rare to find.

- Angela (May 2014)

I found Ms. LeBlanc very trustworthy and knowledgeable. She has helped me a great deal and made a difficult time easy with her confidence and hard work. Ms. LeBlanc was easy to talk to, listened to all my concerns, and answered all my questions. I am extremely grateful to her for the work she has done and continues to do.

Thank you, Lynda, for going that extra mile, you have been a shining light for me and especially my daughter!

- Dominic (May 2014)